A Sailboat and a Planter's Moon

"Are you still open?"

Marley peered through the door on the other side of the Burger Boat.  Her attention had been focused on the starboard side where the towboat was just pulling up.

They had stayed out later than usual that day.  Business hadn't been that good, but the weather was beautiful.  Damian had taken the Water Taxi out earlier, bringing with him a nice supply of Corona.  All in all, it had been a picture perfect afternoon.

The sun had just set when they finally decided to head in. The boat's old motor was acting temperamental lately, and now it refused to turn over.  At least there were a few beers left they could nurse until the tow service arrived.

"Dave, you want to turn the grill back on for one last order?" Brooke yelled over to her husband.  Dave had been preoccupied tying off the towboat and hadn't noticed the sailboat coming up on the port side, either.

"Sure, why not?  We'll be out here for a few more minutes, anyway.  Might as well get in one last order while we try to get her started." 

Marley grabbed her pad and pen, ready to take their order.

"We were headed to the marina for a bite to eat when I smelled your grill and now I just have to have a burger.  I noticed that your 'OPEN' sign was off, but we thought we'd give it a shot, anyway."

The young woman on the boat introduced herself as Kathy; her boyfriend's name was Matt.  "Kat and Matt," she said with a smile.

Kat and Matt seemed to have appeared out of nowhere.  There weren't too many boats in the intercoastal this time of night, and their appearance was almost surreal. Although she had never sailed before, Marley had been dreaming about owning a sailboat.  When Kat offered her a tour, she practically jumped over the ropes.

The cabin was a little small, but he boat would be a nice size to start out with.  Twenty-eight feet. It slept two, had a small bathroom, a kitchenette, and a sofa.  Actually, it seemed quite cozy. 

"Would anyone care for a rum drink?  We have Mount Gay and coke, tonic, or club soda," Kathy offered politely. 

While they waited for the burgers to finish cooking, they sipped on their drinks and listened to Matt tell stories of his adventures in the banana republics.  He spoke of treks through tropical jungles, run-ins with guerillas, and visits to lost cities that were too far off the beaten path to appeal to most tourists. 

As he spoke, Marley's gaze shifted to the Planter's Moon that was rising behind the palm trees.  Her mind began to drift.  It took her to her own far away places, adventures that would probably never leave the playground of her mind.  She envied people that could break away from an easy, ordinary life, that could dare to take risks and lead lives that read like an action novel.

"...And that's when I decided to head back to the states.  Wound up in Key West, bought this little fixer-upper, and started making my way north up the east coast of Florida.  I met up with Kathy in Miami and here we are."

The tow service now had the engine started and was on its way to answer another call.  Marley prepared to pull up the anchor, but not before one last glance at the moon overhead.  A shooting star crossed its path.  Perhaps she would look for a sailboat tomorrow.